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Mobile & Online Guitar, Saxophone & Ukulele Lessons


Musical Teaching services offered include :-

Saxophone Alto or Tenor Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Ukulele Lessons
Bass Guitar Lessons
Mandolin Lessons Tenor, Soprano, Concert & Baritone
Music Theory

Music Lessons in your Lanarkshire home or worldwide online. Teaching Europe, Americas and Asia.

Tele +44(0)775 468 4911
E-Mail campbell@guitarsax.com

Tuition in
Group or 1 to 1 tuition in;
Modal theory and concept of chord scales.
Guitar; Lead and Rhythm all styles in plectrum, classical, fingerstyle.
Music reading and tab reading/interpretation.
Bass guitar; all styles of electric bass including fretless.
Saxophone; Alto & Tenor all styles but specializing in rock/jazz.
Mandolin; all styles except classical.
Music theory; classical, jazz, and pop/rock.
No previous music experience required

Improvisation using the modes focusing on creativity and originality is encouraged. You can improvise on any instrument, and creativity is is something you can learn, once you develop a working knowledge of your instrument, and learn to overcome the fear of failure.